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on 8/8/16 12:17 pm

New here.   Having RNY surgery tomorrow w/ Dr. Karmali.  Was banded in 2007 at 335 pounds.  lost over 180 pounds.  Was the most successful banded patient they had until one morning in 2013 i woke up and had no restriction.   The clinic didn't believe me, and after going through hoops an d doing everything they asked, finally, Dr. Modi saw me and took my case on.   Quickly saw Dr. K who scheduled my bnd removal in June 2015., and put me on the surgery list.   Now, at 280 pounds, I start my journey all over again.  


Edit to say tht I was approved for RNY way back in 1999 with Dr. Davey, but lost all of the weight on my own until I gained it back when I had kids. 

on 8/9/16 7:04 am - Cold Lake, Canada

Besr of luck with yoursurgery's a new beginning!    :)


on 8/16/16 4:53 am

Welcome kerig


Hope your surgery went well!