Injured while jumping the hoops.

on 10/20/16 11:57 am

Hi all, I'm new here, not sure why I haven't joined before but, I digress.  I had my initial intake appointment at the Edmonton Clinic in December of 2015... I have jumped the hoops, done the work, the classes down about 8kg overall and trying to target ~1700 calories a day.  All the disciplines have signed off for my referral months ago, except for the for the Psychologist... I have an appointment tomorrow (Oct 21) with her... fingers crossed she gives me the blessing. 


But to complicate things and the lifestyle aspect, I took a unfortunate mis-step in Mid August, fell, ended up breaking my foot bad enough to require 2 surgeries (I am 9 weeks post surgery for surgery number 1, and was totally non-weight bearing for the first 7 weeks).  I am just now starting to take some wobbly steps. Now for my question... has anyone else suffered a majorly debilitating injury that drastically limits mobility, and the ability to exercise for an extended period of time?  How did you handle it?  How did you cope with any regained weight while waiting for the blessing to move forward? At this point I'm trying not to gain back too much...


Thanks all :-)

on 10/21/16 2:51 pm - Drayton Valley, Canada

Hope you heal fast. 

How did your appointment go today?