Have Anyone gone to Mexico?

on 1/15/17 4:51 pm - Delia, AB

I am seriously (99.99%) deciding on going down to Mexico for my gastric bypass.  I do not want to wait 2 yrs for the surgery here.

Has anyone else from Alberta had the bypass in Mexico?  If so, where and with who?

on 1/19/17 2:09 pm
RNY on 03/18/16

I would seriously be very cautious when considering surgery in a foreign third world country where you cannot drink the water.  Although, many stories where everything went fine.  The result Alberta health report that the average person who gets bariatic outside of Canada costs the health care system $125,000/person in extra cost fixing the problems.

Although many cost the system nothing extra some cost a lot.  One women in Edmonton life is in terrible shape she will never be well again and has Coates just over 1,000,000.


Waiting  seem a long time but you ate building skills you need the rest of you life to stay thin.  We didn't become M. OBESITE  in less than a year.   I to was frustrated waiting but looking back it now seems like not such a long (but not at the time)


It is frustrating waiting       I understand 


Be gentle on your self

on 1/20/17 6:40 am

Please reconsider Mexico. I thought about it and when I came across a few horror stories I went for my referral. I have been in the program just over a year(sept) had my surgeon approval June. Now I am 5-7 months away from surgery. Time goes quick! Be compliant and do what is asked and you'll be fine. I read a story last week about a woman who went for a sleeve and came back to Alberta and had to go to Alberta revision clinic to try and get fixed. The screwed up so bad that they couldn't help her. She now eats through a stomach tube because they removed something like 95% of her stomach. This is a tool and not an easy fix. They don't teach you how to change your lifestyle for your surgery to work. I have seen women who went to Mexico and had surgery... lost a bunch of weight but now they have gained a lot back because they went back to their prior ways. 

on 1/27/17 3:31 pm
VSG on 09/07/16

I know the wait seems long, but having gone through the program in Edmonton from a wait time of 14 months, to getting in and starting through appointments with my nurse, dietitian, psychologist, intern, and finally surgeon, the next 14 months flew by.  I had courses and felt better prepared for my surgery and the aftermath. It also gave me the opportunity to meet a great group of people who I now keep in touch with regularly on FB.  There are definitely people who have successful surgeries in Mexico, but then there are people who don't.  Do you want to be in a third world country if you happen to end up drawing the short straw of surgeries?  I do know one woman personally, who had a successful surgery there, but she now surrounds herself with many of the same support groups that help her out. 
Do your research, find some serious support, but I would still advise going to the 10 Weight Wise courses offered in Alberta. They are free and you don't have to be in the clinic to attend. 

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