Has anyone had Dr. Debru do their surgery

on 1/31/17 12:12 pm

Hey Alberta,


Has anyone here had Dr. Debru in Calgary do your surgery? What Surgery did you get? and after you met with him how long did it take to get on the table?



on 2/26/17 10:28 pm

My story is very similar to yours. 15 years ago I had the VBG in Cardston and had nothing but problems and threw up for years. Until I had a revision with Dr. Debru last April. I had it laparoscopically and only after tests were done to make sure it was even possible. He was great and it's a huge job revising these older vbg surgeries into the newer ones. By pass rny was my only option. No regrets, down 75 lbs and feeling so great!  Good luck!