I am at your mercy!

(deactivated member)
on 7/12/17 9:41 pm

I am heading to my family doctor next week to ask about the possibility of bariatric surgery.

I am 26 years old, 5"5 and 370 lbs.
I have PCOS, Depression and sleep apnea.
I also have a 10 month old MIRACLE baby, whom I tried for the last 6 years for. She is my entire world.

Enough is enough. I have tried everything under the sun.

I am looking for hope, inspiration and any information you have available for me.

1) How long did it take for you to have your first appointment (after referral)
2) How long was the wait for surgery?
3) How was surgery? I have had a c-section but that is it for surgeries.
4) Tell me your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on 8/2/17 8:17 pm - Cold Lake, Canada

8 mths for first appt in Edm, one year till signed with surgeon and another year waiting for surgery with about another 6-8 mths till surgery. In total so far just under three years.

on 9/10/17 7:28 pm

My dr referred me a year ago Andy I have yet to receive an appointment from the Edmonton location. Is this normal?

on 8/26/17 12:19 am

I am new here too. I have been going to the Bariatric Clinic in Medicine Hat. I am on the list for surgery but was told it will take 7 to 9 months before I see the surgeon. That was in July. I do have appointments every month at the clinic so that helps the time pass a bit faster. I can't really give you any information as I am just as new as you, but definitely will keep you posted in things I find out, we can support each other through this. LOL.