New here

on 8/26/17 12:15 am

Hello all. I am new here. I have not had surgery yet, however I am on the list at the Bariatric Clinic in Medicine Hat. I have been going there monthly. I have two or three appointments a month there with the various members of the team.

I have joined this form to get as much information as I can as I go through all of this. Also for support, because although I do have complete support from my family, they are not going through it. They can't completely understand.

Pond Jumper
on 9/10/17 4:18 pm - Calgary, Canada
VSG on 07/10/17

Hi and Welcome, WitchEPoo!

As you can probably tell, the Alberta forum is a seldom used place. I've come accustomed to using the Ontario forum as its a hive of activity and they're a friendly bunch. The main boards are also a great resource but sometimes lacking in the Alberta/Canada specifics that are needed.

There are a few useful Facebook that might be worth checking out, The Bariatric Sisterhood (invite only), ABC - Adult Bariatric, Calgary (a secret group, so you'll need an actual invite from a member) and the Edmonton bariatric support group. All three will assist with more local knowledge. I particularly love the ABC group as a more helpful supportive group you won't find.

All that said, the people here are still fantastic and incredibly knowledgeable, but sometimes you just want that extra bit of local support.

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on 4/24/18 9:43 am
VSG on 09/30/18

Hey! Any way you could get me a invite to the Calgary Facebook group! We really appreciate it.

on 8/12/19 7:44 pm - Calgary, AB

Hi! Can you invite me to the ABC Facebook group? I've seen tons of posts on this site about that Calgary group but can't seem to find anyone to add me. Please message me. Thank you

on 10/6/17 9:39 pm
VSG on 09/07/16

Welcome WitchEPoo! Did you find any luck with the boards on FB?

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