Revision Surgery Questions

on 2/8/19 7:04 pm, edited 2/9/19 4:46 pm

Hi there,

I'm from Manitoba. I was sleeved 7 yrs ago Feb 2012 in Richmond, BC but due to my unresolved medical issues including Sleep Apnea, Hypertension. Oh, not to mention that Post surgery I developed GERD and was recently diagnosed with Severe Osteoarthritis of the spine. Now today with my weight at 275lbs, I am still not at goal(135lbs to go) and in far too great pain & discomfort. I need to consider a revision to Bypass or a Conversion to the full DS surgery.

Don't get me wrong, my sleeve has been the best to me since I was 429 lbs on my surgery day with my highest over 500lbs and barely living(my lowest at 247lbs). Yes, I have regained (30lbs so far). With my spine in such condition, I simply cannot afford the lbs. I've had enough of the excruciating pain and all the medication that I'm on. I have tried "Rebooting my Sleeve" to no avail. So it's just not enough anymore..

Out of Country/Self-Paying is out of the question.

What are my options? Is Revision even an option for me? Where do I start? I've heard Alberta has a Revision Program, is this true? I'm aware that Ontario does the DS Surgery but is that only for ON residents? If not, who do I contact?

Thank you in advance