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on 5/11/08 6:32 am - Daleville, AL

let me share my day.....

We arrived at church and all the Mother's were very carefully ushered away from the fellowship hall and the doors were carefully guarded.  No one could ENTER here.  So into the sanctuary we strolled.  Greeted by an Usher and very sweetly led to the front three rows on the Right side of the Sanctuary.  All the mothers neatly seated all together.  We began the services with some sweet memorable songs from our youth then each mother was presented either a white or red Carnation. Dependent upon whether your mother was living or deceased.  We had some wonderful vocal presentations in the forms of Solo's.  Then our pastor took the pulpit and ministered on the "worth of a mother".  Following services we were ushered into the fellowship hall...Tables were lined with white cloths and table curtains.  Trimmed with rose petals and full buds.  Candles were lit and each of us were presented with a menu and a bell.  The men served and the children who were old enough assisted.  The bell was for requesting service.  Each time the little bells rang one of our gentlemen appeared to fulfill whatever need we proclaimed.  It was a very special day for all of us and reminded me how blessed I am to be a MOTHER!

Hope all of you Mother's have a BLESSED DAY TODAY.

Happy Mother's DAY!


Elle Felts
on 5/11/08 7:56 am - TUSCALOOSA, AL
How absolutely precious.  What a wonderful Mother's Day that was.  Jill took me and her Daddy to lunch today and Holly, Beau and Christian went to HIS grandmothers.
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on 5/11/08 8:40 am - Daleville, AL

The men really went "ALL OUT" today!  It was so touching..they cooked all the food, set up the dining area and served us as if we were in a 5 star restaurant. 



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