Another great gospel singer song writer gone....

on 5/11/08 10:04 am - Chatom, AL
Scott was informed today that Dottie Rambo was killed in an early morning bus accident.  She wrote many great songs such as "Build My Mansion Next Door To Jesus",  He Looked Beyond My Faults And Saw My Needs", Mamas Teaching Angels How To Sing" and many others.  She was a great lady and gospel music will miss her.  Please remember her family in prayer.
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on 5/11/08 10:50 am - Midland City, AL
That is sooo sad.  I enjoyed her music
Carmen G.
on 5/11/08 10:52 am - Lincoln, AL
Oh Debbie...I had not heard that.  I loved her.  I saw her on tv not too long ago.  This saddens me, but I know that she is rejoicing in Heaven with our Heavenly Father.
on 5/11/08 8:23 pm - Rainbow City, AL
Oh my gosh I didn't realize  she was killed I do so enjoy her music.. I play and sing it regularly. Wow We never know when our last day will be do we. Donna

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on 5/11/08 10:47 pm
I couldn't believe it when I read about the bus accident. Dottie was the only gospel singer my father would listen to and she's the one who officially led him to the Lord through her singing and words. She was truly a woman of God and what a voice!!!! I grew up on the old southern gospel music and its something that will stick to your bones. We will indeed miss her and will be praying for the others that were injured and for the families.

Lisa Gotro
on 5/12/08 4:48 am - Fosters, AL
What a sad loss. She was such a gift to christian music. Her songs were recorded by so many, Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston, Elvis, Andre Crouch & too many others to mname. She will be missed.

Lisa Gotro

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