Happy Girl Jackie

Dixie Dawn
on 5/11/08 10:08 am - Opelika, AL
You made me a very happy Mother! You are one special lady!  Thank you. Hope you & every Mother on the Board had a spectacular Mother's Day!  xoxo Dixie
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happy girl
on 5/11/08 7:42 pm - Pensacola, FL


Kay L.
on 5/12/08 3:39 am - N., AL
Thank you Jackie for my Mother's Day note too!  I did not have time to go through all my mail before leaving for Auburn and I opened it last night when we got home.  It brightened my day!  I know why you are "Happy Girl"!  It's because you are a SPECIAL, BEAUTIFUL girl, both inside and out. *SMOOCHES AND HUGS*!



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