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R. c
on 5/11/08 3:26 pm, edited 5/11/08 3:28 pm - nashville, TN
Hi, everyone. My name is Rosie, and while i've been posting here for a little while, I don't think I've ever really "introduced" myself, so here goes. LOL I am 32 years old and have been married for almost 15 years now to my wonderful husband, J. We have a 14 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. We've been in Alabama for just about two years now, having moved from NW Tennessee. We live halfway between Birmingham and Cullman.

I have already chosen my surgeon, Dr. Touliatos in Birmingham and since I've not had much luck finding a truly supportive PCP, I'm at the point now that I'm just going to try to convince the one I've got to complete the needed paperwork and I'll worry about finding a new doctor after that. This week I have appointments scheduled with the PCP, and physical therapist and I also plan on trying to get to a support group meeting on Wednesday evening. Anyway, that is enough about me. So, let's talk about ya'll! LOL I was fortunate to meet Julie in a serendipitous way this week and she embodies the genuine niceness I've seen here on the board. I look forward to getting to know others on here a bit better. Well, this concludes my "formal" introduction. If there is anything i missed, just let me know, otherwise, You may now return to your resgularly scheduled programming! hehe
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on 5/11/08 8:39 pm - Daleville, AL

Hi ROSIE.....

A true pleasure to meet you.  It's great to have you here. 

May your journey through WLS be a pleasant and safe one.


Vickie G.
on 5/11/08 9:16 pm - AL

Good Morning Rosie,             Vickie here I am also waiting for the band . My first appointment is June 9th, I'm always here for you If ya ever need a Friend.        

Michele Luv
on 5/11/08 9:54 pm - Birmingham, AL
Hi Rosie, It so good to see you posting. Its Wonderful to meet you!! Welcome to the AL board.  So glad you met Julie..she is such a treasure.  Love, MicheleLuv

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Julie C.
on 5/11/08 10:11 pm - Gulf Shores, AL
Hey Rosie!  I sure have missed your posts glad your back on! How funny just the week before I was asking someone if they had seen you around and then "literally" I see you around! LOL How cool I go home for a visit and there you are. Sorry I was in such a hurry would love to have stayed longer to chit chat. We wanted to be out before the storms turns out we drove through them though! You all sure have gotten your fair share of those storms too. I was praying for all of you!!  I will be in town again very soon. Maybe we can meet up! My cell isn't long distance I'll PM it to ya. It's a Birmingham cell.

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Julie C.
on 5/11/08 10:19 pm - Gulf Shores, AL
Now you have a PM!! :-) I also know someone else who should be on the boards! And sharing their story and success!! Hmm.. wonder who that is??  He sure looks great too!! Before and after pics are WONDERFUL.. Tell him I said to please post them!

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Carmen G.
on 5/11/08 10:39 pm - Lincoln, AL
Hi there Rosie....I am so glad that you are here.  Yep...my Julie is precious.  God placed her in mine and my children's life.  She and Teddy are so special to us and of course Jacob and Gerry Lee.  They are just like my own.  Anyway...please keep us updated on what is going on with you. 
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on 5/11/08 11:39 pm
Hey Rosie!!!! My middle name is Rose so maybe we're related.

It's good to hear from you again and I hope you come around more often.

Our Julie is a wonderful lady, isn't she???? We love her!!

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