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on 5/12/08 2:45 am - Alabaster, AL
Just a quick check in.  I have been SUPER BUSY and the weather is gorgeous so I have been outside most of the time.  I have read most of the other posts and wanted you all to know I was thinking of you. BamaBob- Congrats to you!  I thought about you the day of your surgery. Now you are a loser just like us!  Karla- What did you end up putting in your garden?  I started mine a little early and lost a few things but now I have a couple of healthy brocs, caulis, maters, radishes, herbs, and lots and lots of sugar snap peas. Elle-Your daughter's pics are gorgeous. She looks just like you!  Susan-Howdy! I'm glad you are posting again, my sweet friend.  Congrats on the job promo! Renee- Carpe Diem and good luck with school. Heather-Still in my prayers as you get better and better each day!!! Sandi-congrats on Onederland...I am 12 lbs behind you now. WHERE IS MY PROTEIN PRINCESS, GINA????? Lindy, Julie, Gwen, BamBam's mommy ,Miss Mary, the Love birds , Michelle Luv (ya), Happy Girl Jackie, Debbie Doo, Carmen, BamaMom, Vicky our Redhead Queen,  My favorite Froggie Lady , beautiful Kay, Donna, the elegant TealRose ( I really would like that meatball recipe), Pam, JuJu, Stacy, Vickie G. , Dakato's mom Gail, Louise, Angie (and Hannah too), Chris, Lisa G., Cristy R., Becky, Carolyn, Blessed Lisa and EVERYONE ELSE and I am sorry if I forgot a name or two... You guys are the best!  I love you all because you are such a GREAT support for me and each other.  It's really nice to have friends who have been there, done that with the weight issues.  I cannot tell you how much I have chosen to get "online" with you instead of eating and that has made the biggest difference.  Looking at the before and after pics gives me real inspiration and then meeting you and chatting on board with you backs up your beautiful faces with beautiful personalities.   Talk to you all later.  We have a science fair all day tomorrow and today, well, I think it is a sunny, good day to learn more about ecology (aka creek stomping) with my girls. Nanci




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Dakota Mom
on 5/12/08 3:19 am - Montgomery, AL
Hi Nanci, glad you dropped in!  The weather is beautiful here too!  You girls are gonna have a blast stomping in the creek! I know Dakota would love it!
Louise A.
on 5/12/08 3:44 am - Anniston, AL
Hi Nanci it good to hear from you. My daughter also wanted that meatball recipe so I wrote it down when Connie posted it for her. I am posting it for you  in case she doesn't see it.  Frozen meatballs from Walmart 2 cup pineapple chunks in own juice (14.5oz can) 2 green bell peppers cut in chunks Splenda (3/4 to 1 cup) chunky salsa ( 1-2 cups) Worchestire sauce (1/4 cup) Put in the crock pot for 6 to 8 hrs on low.  This is what Connie posted and as I copied so I hope that I didn't leave anything out.  I haven't tried it yet but my daughter loved them.
Lisa Gotro
on 5/12/08 4:39 am - Fosters, AL
Great to see you!!!!

Lisa Gotro

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on 5/12/08 6:07 am - Hazel Green, AL
Thank you for thinking of me.  I hope you have a great day!
on 5/12/08 12:54 pm - Chiloquin , OR
Hi Nanci...thanks for "naming" me!! Good to see you on here. How are the girls...AND the worms? LOL Pop in from time to time and let us know how you are. Love ya!!
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on 5/12/08 2:10 pm - AL
hey Nanci!  Hi to you too.  You are right the beautiful weather and our little girlies keep us busy.  Since I have a new life I find myself outside and going all the time. We as a family intend onenjoy life each and every day together and to not take anyday for granted.  No matter how much pain and so forth Billy and I go thru physically and mentally we are pushing for the Goal of a full life and a Jesus filled happy life.  We have returned to our first love which is JESUS and have found such and true love for so much.  I loved meeting you and your girlies so let's set up a play date this summer and you and the family can come to our house and swim with us.  and yes a bathing suit made just for US is required.  HE HE HE  Hugs Angie
S. M.
on 5/12/08 10:27 pm - In The Country, AL
I have been missing ya!  But I know you and how you like the out doors, I bet even more that you have gotten all thin and cute...hehehe.  Guess what Tee is 16 today!!!!!  OMG can you believe my baby is 16 and getting so big.  At least he has for the most part out grown his "attitude". 

I know you are always busy.  Just a thought though....we will be at the Steak House in front of Target on Saturday around noon if  you and your family would like to join us.  We will be celebrating Terrell's birthday and his going away for the summer.  He got a job out of state sooooo....  :(

I love ya bunches and give those baby girls a big hug for me!

~ Susan 
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