Mother's Day

on 5/12/08 4:51 am - Chickasaw, AL
To all of you who are mothers and those who posted wishing us a Happy Mother's Day...I started posting yesterday, responding to Happy Mother's Day posts and intended to post a wish to you all when my computer locked up.  I responded to some and not to others.  I was not choosing one over another.  That is why I lurk most of the time.  My only decent computer is at work and can you believe it, they expect me to work when I am here... I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day.  I know I did!!  Love you all!  Now back to work!

Christ's peace,  

Connie aka Teal Rose


Carmen G.
on 5/12/08 5:13 am - Lincoln, AL

Hi Connie!!!!  I am glad that you had a great day!!!  I did too.  Love you!!!

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