Early but.....PLEASE

Randall Culpepper
on 5/12/08 10:03 pm, edited 5/12/08 10:06 pm - Guntersville, AL
PLEASE PLEASE make plans to join us for the WLS Cruise Celebration this year.  You have PLENTY of time to budget for this one.  That's why I am telling you before Beth announces where we will be going and the specs.  I KNOW she's already planning where, what, and how!  She will tell everyone in July.  I sure hope you will make plans to join us.  You'll LOVE cruising.  All the negatives about motion sickness and money are thrown out the window when you get on board.  You'll love it.  It's cheap, food included, and they make motion sickness meds you can take.  C'mon!  Make plans to go with us!  I CAN'T WAIT!!  WOO HOO! 
For every Goliath, there is a Stone! His name is Jesus!"
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Carmen G.
on 5/12/08 10:59 pm - Lincoln, AL
I'm ready!!!!  Beth is having surgery Friday...we need to remember her in our prayers. 
on 5/12/08 11:00 pm - Russellville, AL
got Beth covered.
Michelle in Ozark
on 5/12/08 11:31 pm - Ozark, AL
I know you said she is doing the where what and how......  but what about the when.  I need to know if I'll be out of school or not Beth is in my prayers.   Michelle
on 5/12/08 11:34 pm - Russellville, AL
Hi Michelle,,How you doing??good to see you..Juju
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