Pam Kirk

on 5/13/08 10:42 am - Chatom, AL
I got my ladybugs today.  They are so cute.  I will get you a check in the mail. Is the address on the package where I need to mail the check?  Now I need to know where you got the ladybug address labels!!! 
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on 5/13/08 1:03 pm - Chiloquin , OR
I am glad you got them...and that you like them!! Yes, that is the right address. The labels were in a pack that comes from different charities, etc. Just so happened to be a ladybug in it!! I think they were from the March of Dimes. Take ya!!
glitter -

on 5/13/08 9:31 pm - Chatom, AL
I really do like them.  I think I am going to use them outside in my flowers.  I have got to shop around and see if I can find ladybug labels.  Thanks again.
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