Julie C

on 5/13/08 5:22 pm - Luverne, AL
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I am sooo sorry for the way I was on the phone yesterday morning.  I don't remember all of the conversation, I do remember you saying that you were happy to be helping in the wedding and that I really sounded tired, LOL.  I hope I didn't say anything stupid or bad!!  I don't think I told you that I worked the night before either, LOL. Love you and I appreciate you!!!!

Julie C.
on 5/14/08 12:34 pm - Gulf Shores, AL
Oh, Lucy that's OK I could tell you were soooooo tired Honey! I love you and I am praying for safe travels for you!!  Wish I could be there to see you at Olive Garden but I have to work and then the day after (Sunday) I am leaving for Birmingham for a week to 10 days. I will be seeing my sister from San Diego, CA. I haven't seen her since last summer. I am so excited!!  Not to mention Kathryn graduating. I am so excited about the wedding. I am so honored you and Randall would include me. Truelly honored. Thank You for thinking of me. I will be there with a smile!! Loving every minute of that day too!!  I appreciate the both of you. Always being there with love and prayer for me! What great friends you are! God is so good to send you both to me! My Special Angels!!  You didn't say anything bad either.. Stupid! NEVER!! I love you!!!! 

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