Prayers for my Honey, please

Cajun Angel
on 5/14/08 12:21 am - New Orleans, LA
My honey, George is having a terrible bout of stomach troubles.  This has happened before.  In the past, ultrasound and other testing showed nothing.  Everything he eats causes pain.  Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you, Debbie
Nicole M.
on 5/14/08 12:46 am - Auburn, AL
Prayers being said for your honey!

Nicole....WAR EAGLE!!





Cajun Angel
on 5/14/08 4:09 am - New Orleans, LA

Thank you Nicole

on 5/14/08 12:47 am - Chickasaw, AL
Will do!!

Christ's peace,  

Connie aka Teal Rose


Tammy L.
on 5/14/08 1:19 am - douglasville, GA
   Prayers being sent up!


Cajun Angel
on 5/14/08 4:11 am - New Orleans, LA
Thank you Tammy
Cajun Angel
on 5/14/08 4:10 am - New Orleans, LA

Thank you Connie

Vickie G.
on 5/14/08 1:41 am - AL
You are in my Prayers (Pink)
Cajun Angel
on 5/14/08 11:47 pm - New Orleans, LA
thank you Vickie
Stacy Martin
on 5/14/08 1:42 am - Montgomery, AL
Prayers on the way.
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