Thursday's Thought for the Day...

happy girl
on 5/14/08 9:47 pm - Pensacola, FL
Ahhhh, thank you for caring about me Shirley!  My tooshie is firmly planted in Greenville until I finish my work tomorrow @ noon.  Thank you for the "heads up"! 


on 5/14/08 10:07 pm - Russellville, AL
GOOD MORNING Jackie,Hope your day is filled with all kinds of good stuff,fun,laughter,love and peace..Love you!! Juju
Carmen G.
on 5/14/08 11:08 pm - Lincoln, AL
Good morning Pretty Lady.  Have a great great day today.  Love ya!!!
(deactivated member)
on 5/14/08 11:49 pm
Good morning Ms. Beautiful!!

I slept like a rock too!! It felt good to wake up refreshed and raring to go!!! My grandson graduates from DayCare today so nana had to buy him a little prize and I'll go see his program later this morning. I love my grandbabies!!!

I've been singing this morning which isn't unusual but the song I've been singing goes like this: He keeps me singing a happy song - He keeps me singing it all day long. Although the way may be drear, He always is near me and that is why my heart will go on singing. Anyway, I feel good and I'm defnitely filled with happiness. I hope it spills over!!

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