What's for DINNER?

Elle Felts
on 7/21/11 8:47 am - TUSCALOOSA, AL
What are you fixin' for supper tonight?

Me, I am making turkey bacon BLT's on toasted whole wheat.  
I've come to realize that my recent weight gain has probably stemmed from eating too many chicken nugget happy meals with Christian this summer.  Man, I can't wait for school to start back so I can get some rest and lose some weight.  LOL (just kiddin')
Louise A.
on 7/21/11 9:15 am - Anniston, AL
We are having grilled pork chops, potatoes, and baked beans.   We are not cooking big meals here at the beach.   And I am not cooking at all except for breakfast.   Just wish I could move down here, well maybe if the real estate market will pick back up.
Kim S.
on 7/21/11 9:39 am - Helena, AL
We had lemon pepper chicken from Publix and canned corn.
Elle Felts
on 7/21/11 11:08 am - TUSCALOOSA, AL
Kim, have you tried the MOJO rotisserie  chicken from Publix?  It's awesome.  I love all their chicken and for those that can eat fried chicken, it's the best fried chicken I've ever eaten (well, next to my Mawmaw's). They have the most moist rotisserie's in this world.  I can handle it better than any other meats by far.  All of Publix deli and bakery items are THE BEST EV'A!   I love their chicken meal deals and you cannot feed a family of 4 any cheaper when they have them on sale.  Oh and the Publix brand splenda tea is even better than Milo's.  The list could go on and on.  Oh and their couponing policy is wonderful too.  They stack coupons.  That means you can use a Publix coupon, a manufactorer's coupon AND get this....another store's coupon (Target, Winn Dixie ect...)  Keep on keeping on and TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART. He will never let you down even when everyone else does, even yourself.

Hey Elle and all
Love Publix too ,,,I didnt know they did that coupon thing ,THey are pricey so that is a good thing . We dont have a Publix in podunk here but getting one soon .. Closest one is in Bham ..
I like to get rotissere chicken , debone it and make chicken salad ,,,,Best in the world ,,If you want a non chunky chicken salad , put in food processer and pulse for a little bit ,,,,NOT much  and then add other stuff .

It is wonderful.
Elle Felts
on 7/21/11 10:08 pm - TUSCALOOSA, AL

Shirley, it DOES make the best chicken salad ever.  I just got me a mini food processor a while back and I am going to make me some smooth chicken salad.  I love it that way just never had the means to make it.

As for Publix being high priced, well, some things are higher, but just think about it this way....many of their things are higher in QUALITY.   AND, I prefer PUBLIX brands over name brand stuff too.  It's very high quality stuff.  Their spaghetti sauce is da bomb and their milk is better than any other milk around.  It doesn't have added hormones, preservatives, ect.... and it's cheaper than the milk at WM.  YOU also have to shop their "specials" or "ads". Their BOGO items are half price if you only want one item instead of two, not like other stores where you have to buy both items to get them for half the price.  I hate going to Winn Dixie and won't buy their BOGO items most of the time if I only need one thing.  The only think I like about Winn Dixie are their MEAL DEALS.  LOL  Like when you buy 2 pizza for $10.99 and get a 2 liter, some kind of appetizer, ice cream or dessert and usally 1 more item (I can't think this early in the morning to  remember). Kyle works late some nights and it's just so easy to pop in a frozen pizza for him for a late night snack.  An geez, does that man like icecream.  I think this is why he's putting on so much weight, cause he's eating late at night before coming to bed.  Most nights I'm already in bed when he gets in so I can't be the FOOD POLICE then.  Bless his heart, if he keeps his up, he will need WLS.  Most of you that know my husband will remember him as being TALL AND LANKY. Well, that is NOT the case anymore. I remember those days when he had to drink BOOST and ENSURE to keep his weight UP.  Now the doctor is telling him it's time to to loose some weight.  Ya'll, in the last 3 years he's gone from a 34/34 to a 44/34.  That's a lot of weight and he wonders why he hurts all the time....I keep telling him it's the weight causing his problems.

So, well, there ya have it.  I view on shopping for groceries AND weight gain. LOL

Everyone have a blessed day.


(deactivated member)
on 7/21/11 11:36 am
I fixed chicken and dumplings for the family. I had cereal (still not wanting to eat). Tomorrow I'm going by the Farmer's Market for some fresh veggies.
Elle Felts
on 7/21/11 10:16 pm - TUSCALOOSA, AL

Noel, I'm sorry, I've been away from the board for quite some time. What's going on with you?  Why can't you eat?  Take it easy girl and get your protein in, okay?  I don't know what happened to my dumpling's the other night but the dough disintegrated and wound up with very little dumpling's. :(  It tasted good, but my Daddy complained about the actual lack of dumpling's.

Kim S.
on 7/21/11 11:28 pm - Helena, AL
Mojo is my fave!  They only had one chicken when I got there last night and it was lemon pepper so I took it....did you know you can buy the mojo seasoning they use?  I'm doing a flank steak in it tomorrow and grilling it....yum!

Hilary P.
on 7/22/11 12:19 am - Decatur, AL
 what is MOJO? do i go to the Deli and ask for it? is it labeled? ive never tried their rotiessirie chickens but i would love too!
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