Elle Felts
on 7/21/11 10:19 pm - TUSCALOOSA, AL
This is the the Lord has made, we SHALL rejoice and be glad in it.

It's gonna be another scorcher today.  Drink LOTS of water and get in that protein ladies and gents. WORK IT, WORK IT, WORK IT....work that tool.  Even after 9 years mine is still working as long as I WORK "IT"!

Be blessed today!  God loves YOU and so do I!

Hilary P.
on 7/21/11 11:03 pm - Decatur, AL
 Good Morning! Good to see you back on the boards!!!!!!
Elle Felts
on 7/21/11 11:47 pm - TUSCALOOSA, AL

Hilary, so good to be back.  Just hope others will return as well.  Good luck on your new found weightloss.  It's so dang hard after all this time to even get off a few pounds, but we CAN DO IT.  Together we can support each other and get through this.  Stay away from that "STUFF" you're not sure about. I am sure it's costly as well.  You just follow your gut instincts and keep doing what you're doing.  Love you girl.

Kim S.
on 7/21/11 11:21 pm - Helena, AL
Mornin Elle!  Yes, it will be a hot one...just filled up my water glass, made some hot green tea, and am eating my 2nd breakfast.....leftover rotissiere chicken.

Have a great day!
Elle Felts
on 7/21/11 11:52 pm - TUSCALOOSA, AL
Kim, I went to visit my plastic surgeon yesterday to  see about getting this excess flab beneath my armpit behind the breast tissue removed.  It's disgusting and hangs over my bra and doesn't make for a nice fitted piece of clothing EVER.  He was so kind, as I had not been to his new facility and he sent me over for a free facial in the spa area.  It was divine.  Well, I know this is NOT was we were talking about, but your green tea made me think of it.  They had one of those awesome Kereig (sp) coffee machines and I had some of the most awesome green tea while I was waiting for tech.  They have the most relaxing atmosphere ever. I could live in that place.  It was awesome.  Wish I could afford to go back and just praying insurance will pay for this flab removal.  He seems to think it will so ya'll just be praying with me.
Hilary P.
on 7/22/11 12:17 am - Decatur, AL
 Elle whos your plastic surgeon? im looking to start meeting with some in September! hoping to have plastics in December!
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