Wednesday! Whatcha Eatin? R U Moving?

Kim S.
on 5/23/12 6:37 am - Helena, AL
Today is a hungry day..........very stressful day.............and I've never considered myself a "stress eater"..........but today I am!!

Eats today:
B1-Jimmy Dean Delight sandwich
B2-grilled chicken breast
S-fresh cantaloupe
L-Lean Cuisine chicken alfredo
S-Chobani blood orange
S-laughing cow wedges (2) and crackers
D-leftover steak and corn

Exercise:  weights/abs
Leslie M.
on 5/23/12 10:23 am - AL
I have those days....alot unfortunately!  Hope you are having a relaxing evening.

B:  1 boiled egg, 1 slice tomato, 1 small fresh peach
S:  Coffee
L:  2 deli slices turkey, 1 slice FF cheese, 1 slice ww toast, 1/2 c. steamed veggies
D1:  1/2 c. bbq pork, 1/2 c. brown beans
D2:  2 slices grilled chicken quesadilla with salsa
S:  Protein Bar
S:  Apple dipped in pnut butter

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