Thursday! Whatcha Eatin? R U Exercising?

Kim S.
on 5/23/12 11:41 pm - Helena, AL
I'm off to the mountains tomorrow, then zip lining Saturday!  I had to come into the office today AND dress up because a potential customer is doing a site I'll have to pack, do laundry and wash/clean the car all when I get home.

Eats today:
B1-Chobani and 1 slice ww toast
B2-grilled chicken breast
S-fresh pineapple
D-leftover spaghetti and meatsauce

Dessert-NSA Klondike bar

Exercise:  washing/cleaning the car
on 5/24/12 2:35 am
took yesterday off and today I got up and really felt like I pushed through my workout.....sometimes I need a day off from working out.
B: hot protein drink
S: cottage cheese, simply fruit, strawberries blackberries
L: chicken chili with cheese
S: ricotta pancake with a little butter spread
D: more chicken chili - I made a TON
S: hot protein drink

where do you get NSA klondike bars.....I want!
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