Thursday! Whatcha Eatin? R U Exercising?

Kim S.
on 5/31/12 1:08 am - Helena, AL
Have you all been jumping for joy because we are in the summer fruit season???  I've already eaten my weight in watermelon!  I have a plate of it on my desk as I type!  It is 10:00 in the morning and I'm eating watermelon and 1/2 of my lunch sandwich..........that's how I roll.

Eats today:
B1-1/2 c cottage cheese with NSA peaches and 1 slice raisin toast
B2-1/2 grilled chicken breast
L1-1/2 ham and cheese sandwich and several slices of watermelon
L2-other 1/2 sandwich and some cucumber, tomato and onion salad
S-rest of the chicken?
D-Hamburger helper I think....not sure-took out ground beef....we'll see what it becomes

I'll run today
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