Support Group

Troy Roberts
on 6/22/12 11:06 pm - CO
Just moved here from Colorado ,looking to see if there is a group around me i would realy like to join and keep up . i Moved to the Dora area . thanks for any help . Troy
Louise A.
on 6/23/12 7:27 am - Anniston, AL
Troy have no idea of where Dora is but there is several support groups around the state.  If you are close to Birmingham there is a support group at Trinity Hospital that meets at different times.  They meet during the day and also have a group at night.   Princeton Hospital also has a support group.   There is a support group that meets in Anniston.   Hope this has helped you some.
Leslie M.
on 6/23/12 9:29 am - AL
Not sure where Dora is either.  I relocated near the Montgomery area two years ago and haven't found a support group close enough to attend.  Sorry I can't be of assistance! 

Congrats on you loss and welcome to the board.

Kim S.
on 6/24/12 11:29 pm - Helena, AL
Welcome to Alabama!  Your best bet is to check the local hospital/bariatric surgeon's offices.  They'll have info on meetings  in your area.

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