where would I start or what do I do

on 4/28/13 4:43 pm - athens, AL
So I was told by the office n mobile dr Richard office that if your bmi iz greater than 60 they r doing it where u dont gotta do the 6mons diet so with me saying all that what do I do if u dont have to do that how long do it take to go n for the surgery what should b be doing at this point
Kim S.
on 4/30/13 3:55 am - Helena, AL

Each office is different.  Ask the surgeon's office for a checklist of the steps required before you can be scheduled.

on 4/30/13 3:59 am - athens, AL
Do I ask when I c him
Kim S.
on 4/30/13 6:46 am - Helena, AL

They should have a coordinator there that can give you the information ahead of time.  My surgeon had a website that provided all the information.


on 4/30/13 7:37 am - athens, AL
Ok ill get right on that
on 5/8/13 5:52 am - AL


I'm from Mobile & Dr. Richards did my surgery.  I scheduled appt for consult.  Got approved same week.  Surgery was scheduled about a month later.  I did 2 weeks of pre-op liqs before surgery.  I was 5'5, 254pds at the time...  11 weeks out 5'5 201 pds.

Hope this helps.