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on 8/21/13 3:32 am - Montgomery, AL
Hey y'all. I've done my research and decided that a sleeve would be the best option for me. I'd like to have the names of a few surgeons picked out to research before I go in for my first doc appt. Any ideas? I live in Montgomery but want to have the procedure done in Birmingham.
Kim S.
on 8/22/13 12:49 am - Helena, AL

Rex Sherer.  Love him!

on 8/22/13 5:06 am - Montgomery, AL
Thanks, I'll add him to my list!
on 8/9/16 11:10 pm - crossville , Al

Do u know if he accepts Medicaid 


Robert Oliver
on 8/23/13 12:44 pm - Birmingham, AL

Which hospital are you looking to go to? The bariatric programs at Baptist-Princeton and Trinity Medical Center are the busiest. I can give you specific recommendations depending on the facility if you'd like as I actually work with all the guys that do this here in Birmingham.

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on 9/9/13 12:45 pm - Montgomery, AL

I've decided on Dr. Schmitt at St. Vincent's East and have my first appointment with him the 30th! I hope I've made the right choice. Loved his seminar. The only thing that scares me is that his scedual is alot more full than his partner, Dr. Miles'. If Dr. Miles was at the seminar too, I feel like I could have made a more educated choice between the two.

on 9/13/13 2:24 am - AL
RNY on 11/28/12

My surgeon is Dr. Miles at St. Vincent's East. He and Dr. Schmitt are partners. I loved it. I had my surgery 11/28/2012 and have lost 141 lbs so far. You will be successful as long as you stick it out! My personal opinion is Dr. Miles, he's so caring and real! Keep in mind you have to trust our surgeon! You can come to the Support Group meetings they are held every third Saturday of the month, sometimes Dr. Miles does presentations and you can always ask him question after his seminars. 

on 11/26/13 11:33 am - AL
RNY on 12/13/12 with

i had a different surgeon and procedure, but this hospital has a great support group and bariatric coordinator. 



on 10/22/13 12:59 am - Opelika, AL

Dr. Andrew Dewitt is another option. He did my bypass in 2005.  Great doctor!

on 8/9/16 11:09 pm - crossville , Al

Do u know if he accepts Medicaid for gastric bypass surgery


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