on 8/20/13 12:05 am - AL

Hi everybody my name is Mary and I am hoping to have the sleeve surgery soon. I recently had my last appointment with my nut and I will be see my surgeons nurse on Monday the 26th  to get my paper work submitted to the insurance company BCBS OF Alabama...just want to know if anyone has had experience with getting approved with this insurance and how hard or easy it is...I have a BMI of 52 and have averaged the same weight for more than 5 years (all of which is recorded thru doctor visits)  I am going thru USA Hospital and Dr Richards is my surgeon. With that said please just give me some time frames on waiting periods for approval and also can someone tell me how to add pictures to this page I am lost!!

Kim S.
on 8/22/13 12:51 am - Helena, AL

I had mine with BCBS in 2009-once I met all the requirements and it was submitted, I got an approval phone call within a couple days!

Under the search function, type in add pictures....there are plenty of posts/tutorials on how to do it. Best wishes on your journey!

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