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Hey y'all,
I live in Northern Virginia and I am about to relocate to Birmingham Alabama. I am originally from Mobile so I am so excited to get back "home" after 16 years. I had RNY almost 4 years ago. Lost over 130lbs. Feel great. Still at goal weight. I have had a couple of minor complications. Just had surgery in September for an internal hernia. While I can still see my Doctor here in Virginia once a year for labs and follow up, I think it would be a great idea to have a local doctor to be able to go to incase of any more complications or bypass related emergencies. I would like it to definitely be a Bariatric Center of Excellence. I would also like to know of any support groups in the area. I love our support group here. I think they are just great, and I would like to join one in Birmingham.
Thanks y'all

Highest weight 275 
Surgery weight 241
Goal weight 145
  weight 143 (after TT and Thigh lift)   

Louise A.
on 11/20/13 11:00 am - Anniston, AL

There is 2 hospital that I know that have support groups and great surgeons.   Call Trinity Hospital and ask to speak with Ann Couch.  The other hospital is Princeton and Stefanie Dutton is the support group person.

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St Vincent's East is a great facility and is a Bariatric Center if Excellence. We have support group meetings every third weekend and are open to outside patients. 



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