Dr. Bryan Freeman-Anniston

on 11/20/13 2:20 am - Phenix City , AL

Hoping someone can give me information on the records for patients of Dr. Freeman.  I am having complications and have to see a new surgeon.  I was able to get my operative notes from my RNY, internal hernia repair and my adhesion removal/endometriosis ablation at the hospital but since he was not part of RMC during my time as his patient they do not have his office notes.  Any information is greatly appreciated!

Louise A.
on 11/20/13 10:55 am - Anniston, AL

Contrary to what RMC told you they do have all of Dr. Freeman's records.  When he closed his office at RMC the records were all retained by RMC.  If they tell you they don't have them then they are not telling the truth.   Now the reason I know this as I went to medical records and signed a release stating that I wanted ever note, lab report and ever piece of paper in my chart sent to Dr. Freeman new office.  When he got sick and closed back in the spring I got my old chart from his office that was sent by RMC.  Go to your doctor and sign a release an ask that they fax the request to medical records and where it says what records put in that space the whole chart.   If I can help you please email me at [email protected]  I very seldom ever come on OH but thought I would tonight.  Louise


on 2/5/14 11:01 am

I haven't been on OH in a while, but I noticed in your post where you mention Dr. Freeman's new office.  Would you tell me where he is locate, please?  Thanks.

on 5/11/18 1:37 pm

I found out he is in California and no longer does bariatric surgery, but does still

practice medicine. You can google his name and "California", and find him.

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