I have a question

Laura Loses Lots
on 3/19/14 3:22 pm - AL
VSG on 12/03/14

Has anyone on this forum used Dr. Lee Schmitt for a VSG? I've read all the reviews on him that I can find, and he seems like a really great doctor, I just wanted to know if anyone had first hand experience. 


Thank you!

on 3/22/14 12:39 am
VSG on 03/26/14

A friend of mine is having Dr. Schmitt do her surgery on Wednesday and she has said nothing but wonderful things about him. She says he is very knowledgable. Dr. Miles (my surgeon) is also very knowledgable.

A small plus with Dr. Schmitt, he only makes you do 1 week pre op liquid diet and Dr. Miles makes you do 2. 

Have you been to seminars or support groups yet? 

Laura Loses Lots
on 3/26/14 11:19 am - AL
VSG on 12/03/14

Hi! Sorry that it took me so long to respond! I watched his seminar. It's prerequisite to scheduling an appointment with him. I have not been to a support group yet though. My first appointment with him is April 10th. I know it's going to be at least 7 months after my first appointment before I can send off for insurance approval, but I'm very anxiously waiting. :)

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