Weight gain after RNY.

Judy M.
on 8/6/14 9:51 am - Jacksonville, AL

I had RNY in o6 and in the past 2 years I have gained 45 pounds. I am trying very hard to lose these pounds but I lose some and gain them back. Help, what can I do? I do have health issues that prevent me from getting enough exercise and I have hypothyroid but I take meds for that. Does anyone know if it is safe to take Garcinia Cambogia  after gastric bypass? Has anyone tried it?  Thanks



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on 9/19/14 2:02 am - Opelika, AL

It happens unfortunately. It happened to me, but thankfully I got mine back off to within a few pounds of my lowest weight. I would definitely  talk with your bypass surgeon, or any gastro Dr before taking something like that. Better safe than sorry.  Good luck and you can do it!

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on 6/24/15 6:25 am

Try the 5 day ouch test diet. It helps you get back in focus and get back on track. 

Kelly L.
on 7/19/15 11:49 am

Hi, are you logging everything you eat into an app or website like myfitnesspal?   Maybe your calories and carbs are too high?   I never reached goal and gained a little back, but I am back on track now and trying these things.   I have physical limitations too, but I am trying swimming for exercise.   I hope this helps.

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