Passing of a long time and loved member, Randall Culpepper

on 7/15/15 9:58 am - Chickasaw, AL

I haven't been on OH in several years.  I am now on facebook as are several of the members of the Alabama Board from way back.  I just saw a post of some very sad news.  Randall Culpepper passed away from a sudden heart attack.  I believe it was yesterday morning or the night before...July 14 or July 13, 2015.  Anyone who knew Randall knows what a good man he was.  I just felt I needed to share this sad news.  His death was not related to his surgery.  He had just celebrated his 49th birthday with a family get together this past weekend.  He will be missed by his mother, Mary Culpepper McVay; his wife, Lucey Culpepper' his son, Torey Culpepper; his daughter, Allison and his grandchildren.  Rest in Peace my brother.  You are loved by MANY!!!

Connie Terry AKA Tealrose 

Christ's peace,  

Connie aka Teal Rose


Dakota Mom
on 7/16/15 1:11 pm - Montgomery, AL


Thanks for sharing this information. I heard of Randall's passing on Facebook but did not know what happened. I came here, for the first time in years, to see if there was any further information.

I am so sorry to hear of Randall's death. He was a wonderful person and was loved by so many. My sincerest condolences go out to Lucy, Torey, Allison, and Mary.

on 7/17/15 6:58 am - Chickasaw, AL


He was a good man and will be missed by many.  I hadn't kept in close contact with him, but was always inspired by his fb posts and just by his faith and witness. I hoped to go to the funeral but was unable.

I hope all is well with you and the family.

Christ's peace,  

Connie aka Teal Rose


Carmen G.
on 7/17/15 6:43 am - Lincoln, AL

Oh how he will be missed, Connie.  We are going to have a get together in his memory in a couple of months once the temperature decreases a bit.  We will let everyone know and I hope that many can come.  

on 7/17/15 7:00 am - Chickasaw, AL

I know he will be, Carmen.  We weren't  close like you and he were, but I feel the emptiness of knowing he isn't there anymore.  A get together in his name sounds great.  Please keep me informed.   Love you, my friend.

Christ's peace,  

Connie aka Teal Rose


Carmen G.
on 7/17/15 7:08 am - Lincoln, AL

I sure will.  Love you, Connie. 

on 7/17/15 7:01 am - Chickasaw, AL
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