Medicaid & VSG

on 9/18/15 2:24 pm - Florence, AL

I was recently approved for Medicaid of Alabama. I've read that is covers VSG. But I am having trouble finding a Doctor who takes Medicaid. Can anyone offer some info on this subject? I've got all that is required done. I had insurance thru my husband and had finished all the required task. but things happened and now we are on Medicaid. Any way any help would be so much appreciated.

on 12/4/15 11:04 am - Opp, AL
VSG on 11/17/15

It may be a long way for you but I do know that flowers hospital bariatric center in dothan AL accepts medicaid. 

on 12/4/15 5:19 pm - Florence, AL

oh wow thats awesome news. I would not mind traveling that far to have this surgery done at all.. Thank you so much for the info..

on 12/4/15 5:41 pm - Opp, AL
VSG on 11/17/15

You are welcome sweetie. Dr marker is an awesome surgeon. He just did mine and one of my friends had medicaid only and they accepted hers.  Good luck 

on 12/4/15 5:58 pm - Florence, AL

This is awesome news. Thank you so much. You made my night. Heck my whole month lol.. Ty ty ty. Good luck to you also. Pray you do well :-)

on 12/4/15 6:00 pm - Opp, AL
VSG on 11/17/15

You are very welcome. I'm just happy I could be of assistance. I sent a friend request. Keep me posted on your journey. Best of luck to you

on 12/4/15 6:24 pm - Florence, AL

I will add you.. Thanks again 

on 8/9/16 10:47 pm - crossville , Al

I'm new to this site n am trying to find a weight loss surgeon in Alabama ,do u happen to know of any? 

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