DS Friendly PCP in AZ?

on 6/3/11 7:29 am
Hello fellow heat survivors!  Did you hear it's supposed to be 107 on Sunday?? ugh.

Anyway- I am having the DS on August 1st but I need an updated referral letter from a PCP.  My PCP doesn't know anything about WLS and he's always in France on vacation, so I've decided to shop around for a new one.   It would be great if anyone has one who knows SOMETHING about the DS, but I would take one who has any WLS experience.  I live in the Chandler area, so someone around there would be awesome.

Thanks in advance for any help :)  I'm also posting this on the DS forum.
on 6/6/11 12:15 pm
I'm in the west valley so I dont know of any in the east, you might want to check with your surgeons office.  Good luck!
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on 6/12/11 1:28 am
 I don't know about DS either, but WLS friendly PCP in Chandler is Dr. Merzenech (something like that).  Female.  I haven't met her yet, but she was on the list of WLS friendly dr's I got from my WLS surgeons office.

I have met with her NP, who I really liked and is also WLS friendly.

Good luck.
on 6/13/11 10:55 am
Oh thank you so  much! :)  I tried a different Dr, I won't call her out by name, but she was awful, not at all wls friendly.  I printed out a lot of info for her so that she could know the difference between the DS and the RNY and how I'll need care, etc, and she waved her hand at the papers as I tried to give them to her and said "nah, that's ok."  Umm no, it's not "ok."  So needless to say I'm still looking.
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