What are the best summer protein choices ?

on 7/16/11 11:52 pm - mesa, AZ

got bored with cooking - too darn hot - so looking for some help here. Other than picking up an already roasted Chicken - I need some additional yummy no heating up the stove idea's

Plus I wanna see if anyone reads this board anymore - it's so quiet .

GinaU aka Jeanna 
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on 7/19/11 10:57 am
I still read the board!  :)   No cooking ideas tho...eating out is always my favorite solution! 
on 7/22/11 3:59 pm
I have been buying ready pac salads from Costco.  They come in a 2 pack with everything you need, dressing, chicken, cheese, even a fork!  Havent been cooking much lately myself WAY too hot! 

I do have a question for you though, I noticed on your signature that you had your RNY revised.  Just curious what happened, I have been an extremely slow loser and its driving me crazy and dr office is no help.  PM if you dont want to post.  TY!
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Ann M.
on 7/23/11 10:38 pm - Sun City, AZ
In addition to salads which don't offer any protein, I'll get deli turkey, ham, chicken with as low fat as possible.  I'll also get a cantaloupe or strawberries and other fruit.  I tend to take a few pieces of deli meat and roll them up and serve them with the fruit and add some cottage cheese.  I'll also do iced protein shakes to make sure I get all my protein in when I don't really feel like eating a full meal.
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Betty S.
on 8/2/11 3:51 am - Mesa, AZ
Hi Gina!
I have been buying frozen cooked shrimp (the big ones)  and run them under warm tap water to thaw, then mix them up with an avocado and a little sour cream or greek yogurt.  I add a spoon of salsa to spice it up, and it makes a great little salad.

I also wrap lunch meat over a hunk of cheese and gnaw away at it.

it's too darn hot to cook.

on 8/2/11 1:23 pm - mesa, AZ

the Shrimp sounds awesome .. think I am going to run out and pick some up at Sprouts ..
would love to see you .. your picture looks awesome .... 

 you still drinking Click ? 


GinaU aka Jeanna 
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Betty S.
on 8/15/11 9:37 am - Mesa, AZ
sorry for the long delay, I don't come here too often because there just isn't much traffic.

yes, I click every day!  I mix it with vanilla protein powder, because by itself click isn't  too high.  But boy, it makes a GREAT milkshake!

Betty S.
on 8/15/11 9:39 am - Mesa, AZ
her recipes rock!!!

on 8/5/11 3:12 pm
I read a blog called theworldaccordingtoeggface and she has amazing ideas for meals, snacks and wonderful tips. I am just getting the hang of this and with this heat I am just not wanting to cook.
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