AZ Weight Loss solutions closing end of Aug

Melanie S.
on 8/8/11 4:40 am - Richmond, VA
Ok, so I had my surgery done in NC in June of 09, moved to AZ in Jan 10.

Found these guys and now Im having some issues and need my band checked out and have been refered to another practice because they are shutting down.

The new practice is requiring a $500 consult /patient establishment fee and will charge $200 for fills not $150.

Needless to say Im not sure I want to go to these guys, regardless of *****ferred me. I have recently had a couple bouts of food poisoning and the flu all with in a month. Im very naucious today as well and have a very rotten eggy taste in my mouth.

I really dont know what to do or who to see in this area. JC Lincoln is a joke and I refuse to go sit in an ER and be seen by doctors who dont have a clue what a band is let alone how to treat someone with one.

Anyone that can help would be great.. I think im gonna go dry heave again..


Mr Mom
on 8/17/11 3:06 pm
Your in luck!
One of the Top Abdominal Surgeons in the nation is right here in the Phoenix metro area. My surgeon, Dr Daniel Fang practices out of St Luke's Hospital and heads up the Bridges Program for surgical weight loss solutions. I highly recommend Dr Fang but I do NOT vouch for any of the other surgeons in the office. Dr Fang's track record is long and spotless.
I'm a VSG patient but I know they do a lot of band folks too. Give them a shout!... Craig

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on 8/18/11 6:03 pm - mesa, AZ
Your more than welcome to come to the Tempe Support  group... 3rd Sat on the month 1-230 pm

GinaU aka Jeanna 
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on 8/28/11 10:27 am
What support group? I had my surgery in Mexico but need local support. Is this group open
to anyone or just that group's patients? Please send info. I live in Mesa and Sat meetings
would be great for me.

on 8/29/11 12:19 pm - mesa, AZ
Yes ,,

3rd Saturday of the month.. at the medical building adjacent to Tempe St Lukes hospital.
 Dr Schlesinger attends 95% of the meetings and is always  willing to answer questions, concerns.

come join us sometime..

GinaU aka Jeanna 
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on 8/29/11 5:25 pm
thank you for the info!!
on 9/5/11 6:27 am - Okotoks, Canada
Hi Gina , it's Eydie from Alberta here.  Can Canadians go to that group too?  I haven't gained back any weight this summer for a change, even have lost some. Should be back in Az by the end of October

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on 9/6/11 2:23 pm - mesa, AZ
Hiya Eydie

 Yes -- we would love to have you come and join us .. group ranges from 5 - 30 people.. 3rd Sat of the Month.. Tempe St Luke Medical office building adjacent  to teh hospital 2nd floor .

GinaU aka Jeanna 
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