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on 9/11/11 1:38 am - Phoenix, AZ
 Hi all!

I'm new to the Phoenix area and I'm looking for any kind of local DS surgeons or any PCP's that one would recommend for follow up care and labs that is familiar with the DS procedure.  I'm just a couple of weeks short of being a year out and I'm doing great and living/loving life!  But I am very responsible as far as follow up and lab work goes and need some options to consider if anyone has any suggestions.

Also, are there any support groups that meet in regards to the DS or other wls in the Northern Phoenix/Phoenix area that someone can recommend?

Thanks for any help or advice you can provide!

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on 9/18/11 6:50 am - AZ
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Hi!  There are some local groups in the Phx Area I believe through the St Lukes bariatric surgery program...I attend support groups in the East Valley through Banner Gateway, so if all else fails check that out.
I just hit my 1yr anniversary on 9/7 with the RNY procedure & love the support groups. 

Good Luck! 
on 9/22/11 3:05 am - Phoenix, AZ
 Thanks Kim for your reply and valuable information!  Congrats on your 1 year surgiversary!  I will be hitting mine in a few days as well.  Wishing you continued success in your journey.  :O)
Hopeful and turning back!

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SW 364/CW/150/GW 150 - 5'9"
on 9/27/11 6:36 am - Chandler, AZ
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I recommend my surgeon, Dr. Robin Blackstone. She is currently the President of the national ASMBS. She is a pioneer in bariatric surgery. She is located in Scottsdale at Shea and the 101, not too far from you. 
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on 10/29/11 9:04 pm - Sun City, AZ
Most of the bariatric surgeons in the area WILL NOT take other patients due to insurance concerns.  I found this out 4 years ago when I moved here.  I think Dr. Schlesinger takes other doctor's patients but I don't know anymore.  I am having all my labs done through my PCP who will get me established with a surgeon if I need it.  I believe he works with Blackstone but that's the only way to get in to her.  Good luck on finding a surgeon.  I believe if you call around, you can find one.  I think there's a doctor at Mayo who will also take other patients but I don't know his name. Sorry I'm not more help but I haven't had the need to find another surgeon as my PCP is very knowlegeable about what's needed for my care.
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