1 year

stephanie R.
on 1/23/13 11:52 pm - phoenix, AZ
DS on 01/24/12

Good morning My Friends.. Today makes me 1 year post op.from my DS (Duodenal Switch). I have lost in my year since surgery over 103 inches head to toe and 126 pounds. and from my highest weight that most of you knew me at I have lost 142 pounds.. I just want to say thank you to every one who I have meet along the way and for everyone's kind words that have helped me too.. I couldn't be happier to be living a healthy life style and know i will be here for my kids.. BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL

on 1/24/13 6:11 am - Sun City, AZ


  I'm so proud of you.  So glad I've had the opportunity to go through this experience with you.  Your such an inspiration to us all.

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on 2/3/13 1:05 am - AZ

Great job Stephanie.. congrats to you.. 

stephanie R.
on 2/14/13 8:18 am - phoenix, AZ
DS on 01/24/12

Thank you!!! 

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