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on 2/23/13 10:30 pm

I have United Healthcare and there is an exclusion for Weight Loss Surgery in my employers policy. I've called a few times and have gotten conflicting answers about the exclusions. First I was told it would be looked at according to each case then I was told an exclusion is just that and will not be covered. Does anyone have any information about getting around an exclusion?

on 3/1/13 11:31 pm

Renee B.  Who did you use in Mexico if you don't mind me asking? I have started checking into surgery there but I'm meeting with lots of resistance from my family. thank you for responding to my post concerning UHC. 

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on 4/21/13 10:34 am

I went to Dr. Arellano in Mexicali.  It's a safe city and driving distance from Phoenix.  602 539 0949.  If there is a WLS exclusion there is no getting around it.  It means a premium for WLS was not paid by the employer so they have no reason to cover it, they were never paid for the WLS to begin with.

on 6/6/13 10:25 am - Phoenix, AZ
DS on 02/05/13

I have united health care state of Arizona employee and I got my surgery covered. Dr Juarez st. lukes. DS! 2/5/13

I had a co morbitity and my BMI was over 50. it was actually 72

Banded on 7/1/09,cool removed on 11/11... Switched on 2/5/13. Ticker includes 23lbs lost on preop diet...          



on 7/31/13 1:03 pm
United used to be one of the easiest to get to pay for WlS.




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