Extended Tummy Tuck Procedure

on 5/28/13 12:11 am - AZ
RNY on 09/07/10 with
Hi! I had my RNY 3 years ago & am very happy with the results The leftover skin, not so much!
I have appointments with a couple of Plastic Surgeons and would like to know if anyone has used them or know anyone who has used them & opinions if so?
Dr Shaun Parson & Dr Jennfier Geoghegan (they are at different practices)

I appreciate any additional insight!

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on 6/3/13 12:00 pm


I think I am going to have mine done in Mexico.  It's easy driving distance from Phoenix and I really like his work.  I just can't justify AZ prices when I actually like the work that was done better by a Mexicali surgeon.

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