can anyone recomend good surgeon in phx area?

on 7/2/13 9:10 pm
I am moving to Glendale in 3 weeks and need to find a good surgeon to do my gastric bypass. Someone recommended a Dr in Scottsdale but since I will be in Glendale I was kind of wanting one not so far away.
Mr Mom
on 7/6/13 4:10 pm

Dr Fang bar none, is the most talented surgeon in the state of AZ. He is the kind of surgeon that teaches and certifies other bariatric surgeons. He works out of St Luke's Medical Center in Phoenix.

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on 7/31/13 1:06 pm
Dr. Fang learned from Dr. JUAREZ. Fang was an intern for Juarez and assisted with my first surgery in 2000




on 8/2/13 12:34 pm - AZ

What type of insurance providers does he accept

on 8/7/13 11:21 pm - Phoenix, AZ

DR Blackstone is one of the best.  I had BCBS

on 9/22/13 12:48 am
RNY on 09/23/13

Love him.. he is doing my surgery tmrw morning! 

on 7/9/13 6:30 am, edited 7/9/13 6:31 am - Phoenix, AZ
DS on 02/05/13

Dr Juarez was my surgeon. He is in the same office as Dr. Fang... Dr Juarez is the only surgeon in their office that does the DS... They are wonderful! its called Arizona abdominal surgeons ltd. Dr. Juarez id like to say is THE BEST in Arizona but of course its in the eye of the beholder.


Dr fang performed my emergency lapband removal. his bed side manor is so so....

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on 7/30/13 6:49 am - Alanson, MI

does that dr a revision from the RnY to the DS

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on 8/7/13 11:22 pm - Phoenix, AZ

Blackstone doe

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on 12/6/13 3:52 am
On July 30, 2013 at 1:49 PM Pacific Time, bellacherie wrote:

does that dr a revision from the RnY to the DS


No.  There are no surgeons in AZ that are safe to do RNY to DS.  You would have to travel for that and I include Blackstone.  Blackstone isn't even a vetted DS surgeon let alone RNY to DS.  That is a procedure only about 6-7 surgeons throughout the COUNTRY can do.

Personally, I wouldn't go to Blackstone for a hang nail let alone something serious such as surgery.  I took care of too many of her mistakes when I lived in AZ.  She had a habit of bypassing too much intestine and when the patient became ill and malnourished she blamed them and fired them as a patient.  It was just her way of pawning them off on some other doctor.

No, there are no DS surgeons in AZ and surely no RNY to DS surgeons.  The closest are California for ins pay and MX for self pay.

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