VSG veteran regain and in need of panniculectomy

on 6/5/14 1:17 am - Bellevue, WA

I have recently moved to the Tucson area.  I had my VSG 6 years ago and slowly regained almost 30 lbs………… recently I lost 5 but now have a problem with a very old c-section scar opening up …………… has anyone else had this happen?  I am off to see a plastic surgeon ( referred from general surgeon  after my nurse practitioner referred me).  I have had "wound" care for 6 weeks now, but the opening or hole does not seem to be closing on it's own.  We have tricare standard, and wondering if anyone has experience with having this procedure in the Tucson area?  Also looking to connect with any VSGers in the Tucson area.

SW238/ GW120
5'2'' BMI42?  I AM ON MY WAY !!

on 3/4/15 1:48 am

HI! I was drawn to your post because I also had the VSG- 6 years in June and have gained about the same amount of weight- and I live  in Tucson. I am sorry, I can't help with the main part of your post, but I would love to be able to connect via email... I am also trying to find the vsg reset.




on 3/4/15 2:29 am - Bellevue, WA


  My email is [email protected]    Still trying to find the reset button……… trying to do the old weigh****chers thing with writing down what I eat and trying to restart some exercise  :)  !  Seems it gets harder every year I get older  LOL  Still trying to find the right thyroid meds also…….. so I maybe will have a bit more energy.


SW238/ GW120
5'2'' BMI42?  I AM ON MY WAY !!

on 3/10/16 3:56 pm
VSG on 03/11/12

Hi! I had VSG surgery 4 years ago. I was going good until I started snacking and also gained back 25 pounds. I'm am still trying to reach my goal weight of 150 and just started to get back on track. I'm thinking of doing the reset diet as well. I just need some motivation, and support. Only people who have had this surgery understand that it is not as easy as it seems :(

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