'Large Friendly' Primary Care Physicians in Tucson?

(deactivated member)
on 7/22/14 12:48 pm

Hi all.

I'm new to Tucson, AZ (former East Coast resident).

I'm sorry for being repetitive (I'm sure this question has been asked before), but does anyone have a suggestion or three for a Primary Care physician that is 'large/heavy friendly'?

I would a 'moderate' physician that has knowledge of weight issues. I'd certainly like get weight loss surgery but my current insurance specifically has a disclaimer against ANY bariatric treatment or surgery (which REALLY stinks - not many 'heavy' people at my work, so no one really cares).

In any event, a doctor that is aware of weight-related issues and can help prep me for the eventual surgery would be great.

Preferably someone that doesn't look at me like I disgust them, but also not someone that thinks I can weigh any amount (too much, in this case) and still be healthy.

Thanks in advance for your collective help and nice to meet my fellow "Tucsonans" (? lol - no idea if that's even a thing! :-) ).



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