Frustrated and need PCP in Surprise/Sun City area

Kristie B.
on 7/15/15 5:33 pm - Surprise, AZ

Looking for a PCP in Surprise/Sun City area.  The doctor I currently see is not familiar with VSG and doesn't know what labs to run. When we were in CA I was followed at Balboa but now that we are here for the last 2 years I've had lots of issues and really no answers.  I've been passing out among other things and have been cleared by the neurologist and the cardiologist.  Tricare referred me to a doctor that is advertised on this website and I thought cool finally I will get some help....NOPE!  Not so much. They wanted $500 to join their before the doctor would talk to me and the only thing my insurance said I am supposed to pay is my $12 copay. I don't have $500 to join their "club". I don't need 24 hr access to all their providers. I've already had the surgery. I don't need the whole program. I just need the right labs run and a doctor that understands VSG and Fibromyalgia/Arthritis.  


*17lbs lost preop
*120lbs lost postop


Mary B.
on 9/5/15 9:30 am - AZ
VSG on 04/23/15

Hi Kristie!

I just found this post.  I hope you have found a doctor already, but this is my suggestion.  I live in Sun City.  I see Dr. Parul Agarwal at the Banner facility on Plaza Del Rio in Peoria.  It's close to Grand, just off Thunderbird.  She has been through the surgery with me and is very supportive.  If not her, there are other doctors there so they should know about your conditions. There are also specialists.  The phone number for Dr. Agarwal and the other Internal Medicine doctors is 623-876-3710.  


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