i need help

(deactivated member)
on 8/25/15 9:10 pm

hello. i am cris im 18 years old. ive been going with my doctor for about 10 months already and he doesnt want to help me get my gastric sleeve. every time i go he gives me all kinds of different pills just so i can lose weight. he doesn't really care about me. last time he gave me really strong pills i lasted 2 weeks throwing up because they were strong. i really need help trying to seek a way to find another helpful doctor. my insurance mercy care (medicaid). im 320 lbs and i am 5'8. in this 10 months ive been with him he told me to write everything i ate for 6 months, when i finished the 6 months of writing every i ate he didnt really bother, ive mentioned him about my eating log and he told that i have to do another one but supervised. he is stressing me out. he just wants me to take pills, does anybody know where i can go or get help? 

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