Hello everyone, I'm a newbie :)

on 12/15/15 11:34 am

Hey there, my name is Jenny and I've recently joined this site to get some insight and support while going through this journey (that has just started btw) I'm pre-weight loss surgery, don't even have it scheduled yet BUT am in the prior authorization phase of things and starting my 6 month documented diet for insurance purposes. I'm finding that I'm having a difficult time even getting started on the diet because of the holidays. It's almost like a crutch, ok, well I'll wait until after the holidays (we've all done it I'm sure) 

So a little background on me. I'm 32 and have battled with weight my entire life. I was in weigh****chers at 7 years old, got sent to fat camp in cali when I was 11, tried every diet known to man, so I have finally decided that this surgery thing may be the way to go. 

Currently I'm 4'11 at 240 pounds with bmi of 48.5! woowee! Anyone else here pre-op? Any recommendations are welcomed. I look forward to meeting you guys. Thx for reading my novel lol 

on 1/8/16 1:12 pm

Hi and welcome!

This thread isn't very busy sadly however; if you know what surgery you will be having, head over to that forum.  They are a lot more active.  

I'm in AZ as well.  

Good luck to you!

Age: 42 | Height: 5'9 | Surgery Date: 10/08/15 | Starting Weight: 279.2 | Surgery Weight: 266 | Goal Weight:165 | Current Weight: 224.8 | WL so far: 54.4 lbs

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