Any Banner Bariatric Program people out there?

on 2/2/16 7:24 pm

I am starting the process of WLS with Banner Gateway.  I have my initial consultation with Dr. Chen.  Has anyone gone through the Banner program?  If so, can you provide any information or comments?


Thanks in advance,


on 2/14/16 5:30 pm

Hi Jerry. I am also going through Banner. My doctor is Dr. Podkameni. He is awesome! Cant say much about Dr. Chen, never met him/her but so far I have been very happy with Banner. I am almost 3 weeks post-op. Mya the nutritionist is awesome too!

Age: 34 / Height 5' 8" / Starting weight July 2015: 446.0 lbs / Surgery Date & Weight: 1/19/16 - 320.4 / Lost pre-op: 125.6lbs / Goal Weight: 180 lbs

on 5/14/16 3:25 pm, edited 5/14/16 8:28 am - GLENDALE, AZ

Hi, I am starting the process with Banner Choice Plus insurance and was wondering where you can find the insurance requirements for surgery? When I call they do not advise me on how long to do a diet program or anything else. Do you know what is required? I would like to get the ball rolling before my consultation.

on 7/10/16 7:40 pm

The office staff at your surgeon's office should be checking on the insurance requirements of your plan. Check with them ASAP. 

Good luck with your program!

on 8/8/16 10:45 pm

I have Banner Choice Plus insurance, also. My appointment with Dr. Galvani is August 22,2016

at Banner Tucson, Univesity of Arizona in Tucson. I have a hernia that needs to be repaired,also.

The insurance coordinator told me there is a two year restriction of employment with Banner insurance.

if you are pass the two year mark they have $2000 deductible and then cover 100% of program.

I will keep updating as I process along this new journey.


on 5/14/16 3:26 pm - GLENDALE, AZ
on 7/10/16 7:36 pm

Hi, Jerry. By now you have probably had your surgery. If so, I hope you are doing well. I just signed up on this site.

I have also started my process for the gastric bypass with Dr. Robin Blackstone at Banner University in Phoenix. Luckily, I have Medicare and a supplemental plan and my insurance plans do not require a lengthy supervised weight loss prior to the surgery. I just had to meet with the surgeon last month and then with the dietician and medical assistant this month. I still need to have 24 blood tests, an EDG biopsy (whatever that is), meet with the psychologist and get clearances from my cardiologist and pulmonologist.

Hopefully, I will have my surgery done next month.

I also go to Banner University for their monthly support group meetings. I hope you are taking advantage of something similar at Banner Gateway.

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