Best protein powder

on 2/6/16 6:58 pm

Does anyone have a recommendation on a good-tasting protein powder?

on 2/14/16 5:32 pm

I drink the pre-made premier protein shakes, they are good. They have them at walmart, sams club, pretty much anywhere. Chocolate is best! :)

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Denise R Armstrong
on 3/23/16 2:55 pm - Sun City, AZ

Do you drink the shakes as a meal replacement or as a snack.  I need to get back on track myself and need to know what some of us are doing.

on 5/13/16 3:17 pm
Lap Band on 05/12/16

Well for the Pre-made shakes (which are awesome cause I am always on the go) I would go primer protein.

As for the powders you have to look. I really like the Dymatize. It is reasonably priced ( as far as protein powders go), You can get it at one stop nutrition or GNC. They have several flavors as well. Its 25g of protein 2g net carbs, 2g of fat and about 130 cal.   I haven't Tried their Isolated formula but that is next on the list but it is more expensive.

Isolate brand also has an unflavored protein that I have fallen for you can add it to ANYTHING. 25g protein, 0 carbs 0fat and 100 cal.  I just had my surgery on the 12th so I am on clear liquids but I am adding it to my broths so I can maximize my nutrition intake. and there really is no flavor to it. I bought mine on Amazon but the should carry it at GNC as well.


I LOVED the Quest protein Bars and they now have a powder. If it tastes as good as their bars it would be a nice treat. The salted caramel protein I got to try is 22g protein 3 carbs 0 fat & 100 cal. They are defiantly more expensive so I would use them as a treat.  

I have been doing protein shakes for just about a year now. Like everything else got to read the labels.

Hope this helps...




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