Newbie with insurance approval anxiety

on 6/4/16 7:21 pm

i am starting the process to get a VSG. I have bcbsaz ppo. I submitted my info to wliaz and the said my insurance would cover it and that I only required an 8 week supervised diet. My question is for anyone else in AZ with bcbs if you found this to be true. According to the bcbs bariatric policy 5 years of records showing morbid obesity is also required. The gal who told me I was approved said not to worry about that, they just want to be sure you haven't gained 120 pounds in 6 months and looking for a quick fix. Any insight would be appreciated. 

on 7/15/16 4:09 pm - SURPRISE, az

I'm also going to wliaz only to be told my surgeon is no longer on my insurance network so I'm here now waiting to see if my insurance will except and continuation oc care letter my primary wrote yesterday and faxed to insurance company.

on 8/19/16 5:22 pm - SURPRISE, az

excepted and approved have my VSG Surgery on September 6th

on 7/26/16 8:31 pm - Laveen , Az

Hi! I'm also starting the vsg process and I also started my process with WLIAZ. My BMI Is right at 40, I have Aetna ppo and was advised that bariatrics are covered under my plan, but they do require 3 months NUT visit, physicians letter and documented weight for the last 2 years.  So I had my initial consult with Dr DeBarros, did my blood work, gave them my physician list (which is crazy long as I recently relocated) . I had my 1st NUT visit on this day also; they gave me the info packet and the dietary guidelines for pre and post op! I'm so glad I found this forum, When are you hoping to have your surgery done? 

on 7/29/16 3:05 pm - SURPRISE, az

Good for you I also am getting sleeved through WLIAZ I started in May finished all my per-op just had dmy pcp fax over my medical clearance i had up coming appt on the 16th of August hopefully I'll get my date they are wonderful therer im going to the Arrowhead location as I live in surprise az. good luck

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