amount of protein i should be getting and protein drinks

on 6/13/17 3:22 pm - Fountain Hills, AZ

Right now i am a little over 15 years out from my RNY surgery. I was down to 197 at my lowest but ended up putting it all back on and little extra. February 2016 I had a heart failure scare. A lot of it from the weight i had put on but mostly fluid that had built up in my system. since then i have been on a diuretic. At the time of my heart scare I know i was back up to 336 pounds. Since then i am back down to 243 pounds (as of this morning). Ive been feeling fine but havent been able to start a exercise program again like i want to because of health issues ive had with my feet. But i think I am closer now to getting back into a gym and wanting to lift weights again.

With this being said - how many grams of protein should i be getting in daily(regardless if im lifting weights or not)? I was reading an article that recommended men getting in 56 grams of protein daily for optimum weight loss. -shakes-for-diabetics/

I thought we were suppose to shoot for between 80 - 100 grams of protein for men? Is there a better protein drink to take? I was thinking about using and had previously used optimum nutrition whey proteins previously and liked them but read a subsequent article that was pretty much making a blanket statement that all protein drinks were not good and filled with sugars and cancer causing chemicals (i realize this was probably a BS story but still wanted to ask).


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